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"Connect with your child in a whole new way"- M.K.

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"Hands down one of the best parenting courses I have taken! The content covered in this course is invaluable and will be something my husband and I will use for the rest of our lives."- L.O.

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"The knowledge that Jami gives towards understanding different personalities is exceptional... I was able to go through a class with Jami, and I know it helped me become a better mom for my kids." - A.H.

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"Jami offers regular motivational segments to educate our audience. Her topics are timely & relevant; she offers thoughtful advice & helpful suggestions for ease of application, with a heart full of grace." - Jenny Dean Schmidt host of ChannelMom

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"A refreshing approach to finding your calm, confidence in parenting." - B.M.

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Jami Kirkbride

Jami Kirkbride is a licensed professional counselor, speaker, author, personality trainer, parent educator, and parent coach. Her passion is to help family's through times of trial, transition, tragedy, and triumph.


As a mom of seven, Jami has gained valuable experience parenting all of their unique needs and personalities. She understands the struggles and celebrations that part of every day life as a family.


Jami has expanded education and experience on the very things affecting families, including emotional regulation, executive functioning, sensory processing difficulty, ADHD, anxiety, PTSD, domestic violence, grief, loss, and depression.


Jami loves educating parents about personalities! It gives them personal insight as well as a tool to understand their child's strengths, struggles, and emotional needs.


Sometimes understanding issues within a family involves more than just knowledge of the personalities. It may involve having a framework for how and why we do things. This can help us navigate the tough stuff.


Not only is it important to feel connected to our kids, but it is important to feel like we have others who understand what we are going through. Support and encouragement is necessary to walk this parenting path with health and happiness!

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